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Mi-MEDIA Design Agency

The Design & Branding Agency for Small Businesses




The people who pioneer change are the ones who are noticeably ahead of the game, we also acknowledge what never changes - the need to understand business truths and the basics of how human beings communicate.

Founded on the Peter Jones (Dragon's Den) Business Enterprise Academy, we've developed firm beliefs that our approach will help us deliver an extraordinary and noticeable impact on your business, that’s how we measure our success.

Let's communicate
At Mi-MEDIA we've created a hub of fine strategy, media, analytics, technology, design, advertising, creative and print specialists who work collectively under one roof. Our working environment creates a cultivation of ideas, personalities and experiences to ensure we only ever work to the highest, most effective levels, regardless of project budgets.

We're all and everything with one focused vision
Our team make all the difference. They have a love for focused and projected outcomes, are happy and optimistic, thrive when working with others and are brilliant at what they do. We are a values-driven organisation chasing greatness in everything we do, delivering peace of mind with our services.
Simply being good is not good enough. We make people want to pay attention.

Wondering what our game is?
We’re creative problem solvers for businesses that want to change the status quo. So we look to break convention, because we’re here to make a change.
We are known as a print agency,  a design agency and a brand and digital media agency. Some call that progressive integration, we call it ...

PEACE LOVE & HAPPINESS in everything we do for you.