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General Enquiries 0800 772 3369

Mi-MEDIA Design Agency

The Design & Branding Agency for Small Businesses


Gracious and sincere about your success.

We help small business owners seeking targeted growth outcomes with marketing strategies to match their business, their budget and their needs.

If your business does not have a dedicated marketing manager and team to ensure that your business goals are reached then we invite you to speak to one of our dedicated marketing advisors on how Mi-MEDIA can help your business.
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Our marketing model is simple, we'll:

•   Define what you do, what you are and your key marketing targets in segments
•   Undercover the unique aspects of your business
•   Give back to the community…strategically.
•   Help you to connect to the community strategically.
•   Create an affordable consistent line of communication and advertising for you
•   Create a short term marketing plan (minimum 3 months)
•   Look at ways we can connect you to businesses so you can share resources and benefits
•   Put a smile on your face and keep you happy

Each week you’ll receive an updated work-in-progress report and each month a comprehensive report outlining all deliverables for the month and relevant analytics.

One of the biggest challenges small businesses face is having great ideas but never implementing them due to time and resources or being unable to manage them due to lack of understanding. Mi-MEDIA will help you drive your marketing outcomes ensuring that your company is well-positioned to achieve its marketing goals then we'll feedback the information to you in a language you’ll understand.

Mi-MEDIA offers an all-inclusive subscription-based program with no hidden costs which includes some of the above areas of marketing plus graphic design services, starting from as little as £185.00 per week.