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General Enquiries 0800 772 3369

Mi-MEDIA Design Agency

The Design & Branding Agency for Small Businesses


Peace of mind guaranteed.

Peace of mind with marketing made simple.

We help small business owners seeking targeted growth outcomes with marketing strategies to match their business, their budget and their needs.


All good businesses, big or small, do not just rely on good products or services. The success of your business will be grown on what people know and love about you, whether they trust you and if you create a strong enough connection with them for them to part with their hard earned cash. The key to creating a business people will grow to love is how effectively you communicate your products and/or services to them.

With a dedicated marketing strategy that builds a solid name and reputation for your business, we’ll help you to create the life long connection with your customers that your business deserves, including:

  •     Building interest within your industry
  •     Generating customer interest
  •     Building brand fans
  •     Making repeat sales

Taking this into consideration, we see it as a no-brainer to have marketing your business marked down as an option, instead of a necessity, which a high percentage of business owners do. As a start-up business 3 years ago we know that enthusiasm sometimes outweighs skills in the business balance and mistaking your business enclosure for your business environment can sometimes be costly, time consuming and allow no room for growth.

Give yourself a little peace of mind, talk to us for free on 0800 772 3369 - On approval We guarantee a 20% ROI or the campaign is on the house

Mi-MEDIA offers an all-inclusive subscription-based program with no hidden costs which includes the above areas of marketing plus graphic design services starting from £185.00 per week.